Thor the Norseman (thj) wrote in programmerguild,
Thor the Norseman

Volunteer programmers?


I'm doing a rewrite of my program Sketcher, a Java-based applet + server application to draw together on a canvas in a multi-user room. I'm going to rewrite it completely as a C-program based on the GTK+ toolkit. I'm going to make a lot of changes and the new program, which I'm naming LivePainter, will only bear a remote resemblance to Sketcher. I'm looking for people to assist me in develeoping this program. Sketcher was a GNU program but that model didn't work very well for me, so I'm going for the regular closed-source model this time. The program will probably be Freeware, possibly Shareware, because I want anyone working on this to have a chance of getting monetary reward. I am able to set up forums, a CVS repository, FTP accounts, etc. If anybody is interested, they can drop me an e-mail at, have a chat with me on MSN at or just reply here. :-)
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